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Greatest Hits the Early Years
Well that sucked.

Nina collapsed at a lesbian bar in Montrose and ended up in the hospital. Between investigations in the world and talking to spirits we put together that it was Logan's ex-girlfriend and somehow she had lost her soul.

We talked to her house spirit and cleared out some banes, but didn't get much information from the Umbra. So Irene went into talk to her. After she talked to Irene and was watched by Shadows it became damn clear that she was a vampire, didn't want to be, and had attacked Nina. After much debate with Irene about if she could be saved in the first place (dead people don't suddenly start living again is not that hard a concept) we got an axe and cut off Yvonne's head while she was asleep (or dead or whatever vampires are during the day) and couldn't feel it.

Now we get to go hunting the vampire that did this to her and give her a painful horrible death. If we're really lucky I'm wrong and the vampire as got fuck all to do with Pinky the Nazi Metis Vampire Werewolf Fuckhead.

After that Henry has gotten us a line on the location of the skin of the metis that got mutilated in the preserve and we'll go take care of that.

Also a pack from Virginia left a cub with the sept for training. Somehow Henry ended up babysitting the poor kid. What the fuck are we doing babysitting anybody? We can barely keep ourselves alive. Really they need to find somebody to mind him that won't teach him all of our bad habits and are less likely to get him killed.
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Strange day.

Jean Claude turned our attention to a news piece about an animal attack in the girl's locker room. So we saddled up and headed to the Erickson place for news. One dead, three in the hospital, and three missing. One didn't have any blood relation to the area so we set off after her.

Ended up stopping at Helix spot near Binghampton. We managed to talk our way in and get a look around. It turned out we hadn't gone far enough. Unfortunately before we could leave Dr. Misra showed up. We fast talked him a little, but he started doing Weaver magic at us and we ended up taking his head off.

Some more driving got us to another hospital. Three buildings with a girl in each of two. I went into one with Sees while the rest of the team went into the other. They managed to be quiet and pull it off without giving themselves away. We managed to bribe a guard's dog, knockout a guard, and knockout a nurse before we alerted the guards. The guards were armed for us and dropped Sees. Shadows came from the other building to help us out. Eventually we found the girl, broke down the door she was behind, and kill the doctor standing over her. Then we got the hell out there with two girls and a big fricking dog.

Turns out that both the girls are cubs. Also Shadows and Sees think that the doctor with the one girl was Beauchamp so I guess we didn't manage to kill her in time. Got her this time though. And with Misra dead we don't have to worry so much about kin dying of summer colds.

Azreal is a good dog. I hope we can get him a good home with lots of tasty rabbits.
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In the umbral reflection of the house David lies sprawled on the ground staring at the bizarre sky.

**Never had a cat. I wonder what it will want.** David ponders, **Well their not supposed to be shy about asking.**

He whistles a bit of song to himself and waits.

((OOC: Need a theurge with 'Summoning' to help out with this. Hopefully we'll get it wrapped by session.))
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Today was in my top five worse days in the history of ever.

First the trap for the little dickhead failed. I ended up killing a carjacker that looked like him while he hid in a bus full of people. So that was great for my mood.

Then we get home and everybody is missing. Turns out they were at Mad Sally's where she had poisoned Raven and J.C. and kidnapped Snowe.

We set out tracking Snowe. Just in time to get ambushed by a bunch of fomori with shotguns. It wasn't fun or easy, but we got though them. They also shot the fuck out of me and my truck. I probably would have bled out if not for Emi and Irene. To make it better they shot up the engine so that the truck was leaking oil.

Eventually we got to some wide spot on the road called Winterdale to check out the car and buy many quarts of oil. A woman offered us pie that we couldn't figure out how to refuse. Turned out the pie was either full of good drugs or gifts from a fairy really do fuck with your head. Because shortly after we set out to look for Snowe we ran into Sir Pretty Boy of the Elven Army.

Shadows tried to talk to him. Po tried to talk to him. I tried to talk to him. He just didn't understand that Sally was not in a position to make any kind of deal involving trading Snowe for Lydia. Not that they were going to give her Lydia. Something like Lydia maybe, but fairy don't raise the dead.

It came down to a fight like these things often do. Emi dropped their sniper. Irene got dropped by a big blue guy and a pretty boy with a leather fetish. Henry got hit so hard by another blue guy that he frenzied. Po got jumped by a Scottish Red Cap of all things. (Why it wasn't guarding some ruins I can't say.) Shadows and I took care of Sir Pretty Boy. Po and I also got the Scot. The blue guys and leather fetish got taken down by Shadows and a berserk Henry.

Once they were done and we were healed enough to move we got moving. Right to Mad Sally trying to push Snowe though a door to Hell. I stopped the pushing. Shadows accidentally killed Sally. (It was probably quicker and cleaner then what would have happened if she lived.) Then we tried to close the door by throwing fairy stuff, fairy corpses, Mad Sally, Shadows fricking Wrym-Blade (glad to have it gone), and the leather fetish who was still alive. After the leather fetish Satan closed the door from his side I guess.

At the end of the day we limped home with Snowe and made a report to the elders.

I kept the spiked, hooked, and generally dangerous gloves that the Scot had. Maybe I'll hang them on a wall or give them to my kid. It'd be wicked to have a pair of my own though.
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((OOC: This occurs after the August 2 session.))

David hurries up the walk to the door to DiFrancesco's apartment and presses the doorbell.

**Hope Julia doesn't hear about this. Still if Helix has still got the list and is killing people we've got to know.**

He taps his leg and waits for the door to open.
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The white haired little fuck is dead. He can surrender. He can beg. He can convert and dedicate his life to good works. He's still dead. And he is going to die hard.

I'm going to do to my kid's brother what Cymry did to Romans and English in the old days.

The little shit grabbed Yolanda and her kid from a clinic in Montrose after killing a mess of people (that's his hands gone). He left us a message offering a trade of Yolanda and the boy for Eric. We tracked her into Melrose and then called up the Hunters. Cop Shop agreed to leave Eric for bait, but fucked up the plan to get the kid while we "made the exchange". What is it with straight arrows? Didn't they sneak and cheat has kids?

Some of the dickhead's people showed up to do the exchange. (Fucking coward won't even face us like a man.) They shot Yolanda to bring us in close so she could stab us in the back. They sent an old friend of Eric's so he got to take a pound of flesh out before Emi dropped her. Shadows had to take Yolanda's head off (that's his tongue for convincing her).

Then we traced the baby back to a cabin in the shitty end of nowhere. (What the Cop and his team were doing during this I have no fucking clue? I hope it was useful, but who the fuck knows.) We got the baby back and shredded some Lundbachs.

Now we get to explain to the Valdeuz family how we killed her daughter. Shadows can fuck himself he thinks he's taking the blame for this. I was in charge last night and I let the little fuck live when we first meet him. If only I'd given the order to kill him then.

On top of that we've got a nymph that is enjoying its job way to much down on Poplar.

The fucker is dead by July. This bullshit is not happening again with Snowe.
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Tired, very.

We got the Bane run out of Logan's place, the house woken up, the nymph bound, and Shadows laid. That was the good part of the day.

Wonder if all house spirits are mouses. Houses and mouses, I should try to get something out of that.

Then Yolanda started giving birth. So we all get to patrol the hospital and wait for the Wyrm Howlers to show up.

Nora decided to deal with the stress by getting down with her boy. I have to admit the look on Shadows's face was pretty funny. The look on Albert's face when Irene and I came though the door at them was pretty funny too. Some sets of twins do everything together or at least on the same day.

Now we get to keep up guard duty until he gets taken home and Shadows's can do most of the watching. I guess it's good practice for when Snowe pops.

Wears you out though.

I'll need to check in on Logan once in a while to make sure the banes aren't back in town.

Coffee break is over.
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Nothing is ever easy.

So we got the plan rolling for "Let's you and him fight". Once I know all the info is where it needs to be I'll kick it into high gear.

Turns out that Logan was also working for the Wyrmy guys and they have names.

Shadows and Emi did some investigating on the local rich brat that could walk again and on Logan. The brat had a bane welded to him. Logan and her girlfriend are sinking into corruption by way of greed and loneliness.

The brat got into a fight with Henry and went monster. Luckily we could call it a car accident.

Logan and her girl are the hard part. If we kill one the other becomes bait for the hope eater. Kill both and lots of people become bait for the hope eater. Leave it alone and we're fucked sideways. We need a way to redirect Logan back into her relationship. Shadows suggested bounding a nymph to her. I don't have a better idea, but wouldn't a nymph end up making her do people that would be bad for the relationship. Something a little more home and hearth, but the only thing I can think of is a brownie (which is silly) or a goddess (which is using a rocket launcher for duck hunting). Maybe we'll think of something.

I hate thinking my way out of boxes.
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Well that's another person that needs their head on a pike.

Some asshole hit a button that turned most people that had been eating the power bars into frenzying formori. So the town was hip deep in Hulked out possessed no-necks.

One of them attacked Irene at the house. Between her and Shadows they took it down, but the floor is fucked from the acid. We're going to need a carpet. We evaced Snowe and Raven out a farm and Henry passed word of formori at the school. The team got together and went to check on kin and save the goth from her boyfriend.

Shadows got to Letica first and the rest of us got sidetracked by some dickheads on the quad. On the downside of that Eric broke Veil, but claws do make much quicker work of things. Also Shadows managed to take out the boyfriend, but he was is Hispo at the time so that took some cover up, but he killed the jerk and kept her alive so all the really important stuff was covered.

They probably weren't that bad before they started eating that bane shit. So really we ended up having to kill a bunch of no-necks because they wanted to win. Of course explaining the riot and 30+ missing people is going to be fun.

The only plus side is that now I'm a hero to a goth girl. Maybe I should talk her into going somewhere safe, like that place in Africa all the movies stars are on about, next year. It's got to be safer than here with vampires, formori boyfriends, rampaging werewolves, hope eating spirits, Satan worshiping fairies, and God alone knows what the fuck else.
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Banes are hard to kill, but there is something to be said for a morally uncomplex asskicking. Even when it nearly kills you.

So my little friend the goth girl showed up at the house with a black eye from her boyfriend about the same time the boyfriend and a bunch of no-necks get into a fight at the pub. So we gave what aid and comfort we could to her while probing to see if he or the other jocks had been doing anything new and different. Turns out they had all been taking vitamins and getting testy. So it didn't take a genius to see the connection.

The goth stayed over and I stayed on the sofa. First time I can think of that a woman had my bed all to herself.

Anyway Shadows woke us all up at sunrise after our four am bedtime. I coulda killed him and with all the noises he was making about waking up my coffee maker I almost did. Henry was slow to show because he was over at the Ryans (Emi planned to meet him there), but that meant when I called I got to talk to Mrs. Ryan for a bit. She's a good sort, but a bit lonely and it is my sworn duty to comfort lonely women. I'm going over for lunch later this week.

I also had to explain to Shadows that time when you can't work still needs to be filled in. Should talk to Nora about that boy, see if she's got a single friend for him.

Anyway we packed everybody up and headed to the vitamin shop. Shadows detected wyrm and Henry went to buy some samples. Then Shadows went into the other side and ran smack into a mess of Banes. The rest of us crossed and got into a nice fight. I was nearly killed by flame bursts. At the end of the day it was Emi's bow and Black Unicorn that did most of the damage and drove them off.

We went home did some tests on the drugs, reported to the top, and learned about electrical fires. That's all I have to say about that.

We really need a better way of dealing with Banes. Mystic Kung Fu or magic brass knuckles or something that hurts them better.
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